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Float Operated Level Switch

The switch works on the principle of magnetic switch action, resulting from a change in liquid level, which moves a magnetic attraction sleeve into the field of an externally located magnet.


  • External Cage: As per pressure vessel design
  • Welding: Code qualified and/or LIoyds, EIL, IBR & PDIL approved
  • Material of construction ASTM, DIN, IS grade carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Approvals: CMRI certified
  • Switching Mechanism: SPDT or DPDT
  • Special Requirements: NACE, Special Alloys, Special Actuations Points, Special mounting configurations
  • Pneumatic Switches: For highly explosive atmosphere

Series 100

  • Flanged chambers to simplify systems checks or scheduled maintenance.
  • Variety of mounting configuration including side/side, side/bottom, with or without drain available.

Series 200

  • Sealed chambers, which provides high quality at economical cost. Because of its sealed chamber construction, the float assembly cannot be removed. It is available with mounting configuration of side/side, side/bottom, with or without drain available.

Series 300

  • Designed for integral mounting through the top of the process vessel and offered in connections of 1" NPT as standard, 3" NPT as optional or variety of flange sizes and pressure ratings.

Series 400

  • Designed for side mounting flanged installations.
  • Available with 3" 300lbs flange as standard process connection. Otions available on request