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Flow Metering and Custody Transfer

Chemtrols manufactures Custody Transfer Flow Metering Skids for Gas and Liquid applications. These skids are manufactured in line with the latest international relevant standards and with the most reliable design. Our well-experienced execution team ensures the highest and consistent level of Quality standards. The complete system design and detailed engineering complimented by proper sub vendor selection ensures a high level of measurement accuracy, which is the primary requirement of Custody Transfer Flow Metering Systems.

Our metering skids comprise of filtration, pressure reduction, metering section and also enjoy the flexibility to be interfaced with external systems like flow computers, gas chromatographs etc. All are sourced from the best makes available globally

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Gas Metering Systems

  • Our Gas Metering Skids are manufactured using Ultrasonic, Senior Orifice Plate, Turbine Meters, RPD Meters, Coriolis Mass Flow Meters as Primary Flow elements, conforming to relevant AGA Standards. *
  • State-of-the-Art PTB gas Chromatographs using MEMS Technology are utilized for BTU measurements
  • Our Range also includes Let Down Skids, Odorizing Skids for Mercaptan dosing, Preheating systems, etc.

Liquid Metering Systems

  • Our Liquid Metering Skids are manufactured using PD Meters, Coriolis Mass FlowMeters, Turbine Meters, Orifice Plate, and Ultrasonic as primary flow elements. *
  • The skids also include other critical components like Strainers, Flow computers, Control Valves conforming to relevant API regulations
  • Our factory-trained engineers are ably equipped to support customer requirements

* All Meters are from our Partners worldwide, whom we exclusively represent in India