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Oxygen Analyzer

Chemtrols under technical collaboration with AMS Germany has developed Oxygen Measurement Systems with key features like:

  • Adaptation of system to varying process conditions:
    • Temperature
    • Aggressive flue gas
    • Hazardous areas
  • Short response time
  • Durability of sensor
  • Ease of use
  • Reliability
  • Minimum maintenancer

Flue Gas Oxygen Analyzers

  • Special Zirconium Sensor for better response at lower temperature
  • Accuracy +/-0.1% O2 of measuring range
  • Probes suitable for high process temperatures of up to 1750oC
  • Temperature sensor not required
  • Measurement of low range combustible up to 10ppm
  • Operator replaceable sensor
  • Analyzers available for hazardous areas also

Flue gas probes

  • 3211 Probes – Flue Gas Probes
  • 3211-500 & 500L: Std. In-Situ ZrO2 Probes; for up to 600oC, short time 800oC
  • 3211-600 & 700: Semi-extractive High temp. In-Situ ZrO2 Probes; for up to 1750oC (probe 600), 1100oC (probe 700) 3211-860/15050: ATEX approved In-Situ ZrO2 Probes; for Zone1 & Zone2
  • 3211-1000: ZrO2 Probes for simultaneous measurement of Oxygen and Combustibles; for Zone1 & Zone2
  • Optional material for all probes: Inconel, Hastelloy C

Zirconium Probe with Combined Sensor for Oxygen and COe

  • Equipped with one conventional ZrO2-sensor for Oxygen plus one non-Nernstian sensor for detection of COe (or CO/H2)
  • Both sensors are on the same Zirconia Ceramic
  • Used as additional tool for burner control or for leak detection in heat treatment processes

Chemox – O2 Analyzer


  • High Accuracy
  • User replaceable Sensors
  • Auto Calibration
  • User programmable ranges
  • Electronics with self-diagnostics and Alarm Signals
  • Configuration via Front Key Pad
  • Smaller lightweight probes
  • Options for Safe area & Hazardous Area Installations

Electronics 3220

  • High resolution A/D converter for measurements from percent to ppm-ranges
  • Input & outputs are galvanically separated
  • Second sensor input (e.g. for combustibles)
  • Automatic calibration (option)

Electronics - 3220 (EEx d)

  • µP Controlled central unit: one module for sensor heating and signal processing
  • 3 keys for all functions
  • Service mode
  • LCD display with backlight

Trace Oxygen Analyzers

  • For ppm and volume% range
  • Special sensors for acid gases and for 100% H2 application
  • Online analyzers with 04 measuring ranges
  • Portable unit available with rechargeable battery
  • EEx version for online and portable unit

Measurement of trace oxygen using Electrochemical (Micro-fuel cells)

Trace O2-Analyser 3110

  • Portable Unit, easy to handle analyser
  • Ex-Version: EEx ib IIC T5 with limited options
  • Measuring Ranges: 0-10ppm & 0-10000ppm
  • 3 options of Power supply: 230 VAC, 230 VAC & rechargeable battery or battery only

Trace O2- Analyser 3120

  • For mobile and stationary operation
  • Two measuring cells:
    • for ppm range
    • for vol% range
  • Best suitable for quick & precise measurements of trace O2
  • Measuring Ranges:0-1ppm;0-25vol%
  • Digital Interface: RS232 (option)

Trace O2-Analyser 3160

  • For mobile and stationary operation
  • 4 enclosure types: desktop, portable unit, plug in and wall mountable housing
  • Possible to measure H2 and O2 simultaneously
  • Measuring Ranges: 0-10ppm & 0-10000ppm

Trace O2- Analyser 3175

  • Measuring O2 in gases in hazardous process environments
  • Intrinsically safe 2-wired-transmitter
  • Wall mounted enclosure
  • Certification: EEx ia IIC T6
  • Measuring Ranges: 0-10ppm & 0-10000ppm
  • Use in flammable and non flammable gas environment

Trace O2- Analyser 3185

  • Used for very sensitive Oxygen measurements.
  • 4 enclosure types: desktop, portable unit, plug in and wall mountable housing
  • Major Advantage for operator: Internal calibration of sensor possible
  • Measuring Ranges: 0-10ppm & 0-10000ppm
  • Digital Interface: RS232 (option)

Options for Trace O2 Analyser

  • Provision of external sensor allows direct measurement in process lines or by pass lines
  • Internal Calibration of sensor
  • Serial interface RS 232 C
  • Self diagnostics with fault signals
  • Electronic Flow Monitor/Alarm
  • Sample Gas Pump
  • Automatic Calibration
  • By pass Sensor
    - All valves included - µP-Instruments PAT 3185 & PAT 3120 only
  • Automatic bypass-valve monitoring the sample gas flow

Measurement of trace oxygen using Zirconium probes

PAT 3190 (with Pt. Electrodes) System Features

  • Used in Inert gases
  • Lambda probe with ZrO2 sensor – used for O2 detection
  • Mobile and stationary units
  • Advantages
    • Long life cycle
    • No electrolyte changing
    • Excellent signal / noise ratio at low O2 conc.
  • Extremely low detection limit: e.g. 0.05 ppm change at 10ppm range
  • Comfortable operation with 3 keystrokes and self-diagnostics
  • Illuminated alpha numeric display
  • Zirconia sensor calibrated with ambient air; 1 reference gas needed

PAT 3195 (Catalytically inactive Electrodes) – System Features

  • Used where trace amount of combustible gases are present
  • Mobile and stationary units
  • Electronic Controller – the supply & evaluation unit for all PAT3195
  • Comfortable operation with 3 keystrokes and self-diagnostics
  • Illuminated alpha numeric display
  • Sample gas pressure up to 10 bar
  • Reference gas is ambient air; just one calibration gas is needed
  • Advantages:
    • Long life cycle
    • Excellent signal / noise ratio at low O 2 conc.
  • Extremely low detection limit: e.g. 0.05-ppm change at 10ppm range