Process Analytics & Product Solutions:

Stack & Heater Analyzers | Process Analyzers including Mass Spectrometer | Physical Property Analyzers / Blending Packages | Gas Chromatographs | Photometric Analyzers | Steam & Water Analysis System Package | Integrated Analyzer package system with Shelter | HVAC, Split and Window Air Conditioning units for installation in hazardous and non-hazardous areas | Specialized Analytical solutions for FCCU, SRU, HDPE, CRACKER, VCM, MEG PP, Butadiene, H2, NH3, plants based on Licensor philosophy.

Product Quality / Blending Solutions:

Analyzer packages for blending of motor fuels (MS & HSD) consisting of NIR, total Sulphur, physical property, viscosity and density measurement. Analyzers delivered with sampling probes, sample conditioning, validation, and sample recovery systems.

Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS):

  • Measurement & Monitoring of Stack Emission gases SOx, NOx, CO, CO2, NH3, HCL, HF, THC, Hg
  • Dust Concentration & Opacity monitor Analyzers

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Systems (AAQMS) :

  • SO2, H2S, NOx, NH3, CO, CO2, O3, HC, BTX, PM10, PM2.5
  • Sampling and SCADA for Pollution Monitoring & Reporting
  • Report Generation on Hourly/ Weekly/ Monthly/ Yearly basis

Flame & Gas Detection Systems :

  • Toxic, Flammable, Hazardous Gasses, Point IR Gas Detectors, Catalytic, Electro-chemical & Flame Detectors etc
  • Detection Systems with/ without SIL certified controlling & PLC conforming to IEC 61508
  • SIL2 certified Hybrid sensors & SIL3 certified controllers

Steam Engineering Solutions :

  • PRDS (Pressure Reduction & Desuperheating)
  • De-Superheaters / Attemperators for Steam
  • Turbine By-pass valves HP/LP Valves for Steam
  • Control Valves for HP/ LP Steam and Water

Terminal Automation :

  • Installation & Commissioning of fully automated fuel loading and unloading bays of the gantry, with Single &/or Dual Product loading arms
  • Integrated hardware & system software components for storage, distribution and management of multiple products at the terminals & depots, via tank truck, tank wagon loading & unloading
  • Flow Metering by PD Meters/ Turbine/ Coriolis Mass/ Ultrasonic Flow Meters
  • Batch Controllers conforming to OIML R117, capable of simultaneous additive Injection and Ethanol Blending with Ratio Control
  • Tank Farm Management with Primary/ Secondary Radar Gauges, SIL2 certified Overspill protection switches, Inventory & Stock Management
  • Security Surveillance, CCTV & Access Control Systems
  • Safety Systems up to SIL3 PLC's, Gas Detection Systems

Metering and Measurement Solutions:

  • Displacer Level Transmitters for Level, Interface & Density
  • Ultrasonic High Temperature Flow Meters for Process Lines, Thermic Fluids
  • Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters for Flare Gas Measurement
  • Coriolis Flow Meters for various Process Flow Measurement
  • Nucleonic Backscattering devices for Coke Drums Level Switching
  • Nucleonic & Admittance Level Measurement in Reactors, Oil Separators etc.
  • Temperature RTD's, T/C, Multi-point Elements, Thermo-wells & Transmitters
  • Gas Regulators for Air/ Natural Gas : Self acting Direct & Pilot Operated
  • FLOW Metering Skidsfor Liquids & Natural Gas:

    • Conditioning & Metering Skids for Natural Gas Application
    • Liquid Metering Skids for Hydrocarbons