Steam Engineering Solutions

  • PRDS (Pressure Reduction & Desuperheating), Ejectors and Gland sealing PRDS, De-Aerator PRDS, Dump PRDS & Tube
  • Desuperheaters / Attemperators for Steam
  • Turbine by-pass valves : HP/LP Valves for Steam
  • Control Valves for Steam & Water (1" to 12" up to # 2500)

Metering and Measurement Solutions

  • Displacer Level Transmitters & Mechanical Level Gauges for Boiler Drum Level Control in HP & LP Heaters
  • Nucleonic Density Transmitters for Coal Ash Slurry
  • Gas Conditioning Skids for Natural Gas Application
  • Electro-Magnetic & Ultrasonic Flow Meters for utilities like Sea Water, Raw Water, DM Water
  • Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters for Flue Gas Emission
  • Portable Ultrasonic Flow Measurement for Utilities & Audits
  • Coriolis Flow Meters for LSHS, Fuel Oil, Natural Gas
  • Admittance, Nucleonic or Paddle Level Switches for Solids
  • Temperature RTD's, T/C, T/W & Transmitters
  • Gas Regulators for Natural Gas : Self acting Direct & Pilot Operated

Analytical Solutions

  • Combustion Control - CO Analyzers at Economizer inlet
  • Combustion Control - O2 Analyzers for Air Heater Inlet & Outlet
  • H2 Purity Analyzers for Generator Application
  • SO2 & O2 Analyzers for Flue Gas Desulphurization
  • NOx & O2 Analyzers for De-NOx Systems
  • CO Measurement in Coal Mill Application
  • Calorific Analyzers for Natural Gas using Gas Chromatographs & associated applications for Combustion Chamber
  • Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) for Stack Gases, to measure SOx, NOx, CO, CO2, Hg etc.
  • Dust / Opacity monitors for stack exhaust gases, ESP performance etc.
  • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Systems (AAQMS) for SO2, H2S, Nox, NH3, CO, CO2, PM10, PM2.5 Sampling and SCADA for Pollution Monitoring & Reporting
  • Flame & Gas Detection Systems for Toxic, Flammable, Hazardous Gasses, Point IR Gas Detectors, Catalytic, Electro-chemical & Flame Detectors etc.