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Analyzer Systems Manufacturer in India


Process Analytics Solution


Designed, engineered, supplied, installed, and commissioned 3,000+ Analyzer Systems globally to variousindustries like refineries, petrochemical, chemical,fertilize power and cement plants in India. Such projects involve, taking a turnkey responsibility for Application data review, Engineering, Construction,Integration and Installation in Analyzer House.

Product Quality/Blending
Supplied analyzer packages for blending of motor fuels (MS & HSD) consisting of NIR, total Sulphur, physical property, viscosity and density measurement. Analyzers delivered were complete with sample probes, sample conditioning, validation, and sample recovery systems.

Steam and Water Analysis (SWAS)
Expertise to provide solutions for accurate measurement and monitoring of Silica, Sodium, Phosphates, Calcium, Chlorides, pH, Conductivity, etc. to assure safety of Boilers and Turbines. Chemtrols' uniquely designed Boiler Blow-down systems, increases the efficiency of the Boilers.

Process Analytics Product Solutions
Process analyzer systems with shelter

  • Stack & Heater Analyzers
  • Process Analyzers including Mass Spectrometer
  • Physical Property Analyzers / Blending Packages
  • Gas Chromatographs
  • Photometric Analyzers
  • Dust Concentration and Opacity Analyzers
  • Analyzer Management System
  • Steam & Water Analysis System Package
  • Integrated Analyzer package system with Shelter
  • HVAC, Split and Window Air Conditioning units for installation in hazardous and non-hazardous areas
  • Specialized Analytical solutions for FCCU, SRU, HDPE, CRACKER, VCM, MEG PP, Butadiene, H2, NH3, DRI plants based on Licensor philosophy.