Level Instruments



Level Measurement Manufacturer


Level :

  • Buoyancy type/Displacer Level Transmitters for Level, Density and Interface Measurement
  • Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitters

Magnetic Level Gauges :

Chemtrols manufactures Magnetic Level Gauges for use in various industries. May it be Oil and Gas, Refineries, Chemical and Petro-chemicals, Fertilizer or Utilities, we have comprehensive and application specific solutions for measurement

  • Enhanced protection with metallic chamber
  • Simple and robust design with enhanced protection with metallic chamber.
  • Pressure and Gas-proof separation between chamber and display
  • Clear visibility of level from longer distances
  • Display of liquid level for aggressive, corrosive, toxic, Flammable or agitated media
  • Continuous Level indication with no power supply requirement.
  • Can be used in any industrial environment, hazardous or nonhazardous through use of suitable corrosion resistant materials
  • Designed for pressure ranged from atmospheric to pressurised conditions.
  • Designs for temperatures from Cryogenic : -200 C to +570 C.
  • Can be used for Interface level measurement
  • Transmitter output 4 - 20mA, switches for set points (optional)
  • Good reliability, suitable for high temperature and pressure