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Mechanical Industrial Equipments

Gas Cooling and Conditioning Systems for Cement Kilns :

  • Gas cooling system for Preheater Top Cyclone.
  • Gas cooling systems for Preheater Downcomet duct.
  • Mill water injection systems for Cement Mill and Coal Mill.

Gas Cooling Systems Cooling Towers for Cement and Steel Industires :

  • High Pressure spllback systems
  • Hybrid systems with High Pressure and spillback lances.
  • Duel fluid systems with air mist lances.
  • Guaranteed downstream temperatures of 130 C without wet bottom formation.

Dust Suppression Systems :

  • Dry fog dust suppression systems.
  • Plain water dust suppression systems.
  • Sprinkler Systems for stock piles.

Sight Flow Indicator :

  • Simple and reliable Sight Flow Indicator to verify flow direction in industrial process lines. Available in various specials of mounting flange standards, MOC , flow path direction indicators, temperature and pressure ratings.

Condensate Pots :

  • A wide range of Condensate Pots with double vent plugs in various MOC like CS, SS 304, 316, to prevent and protect the measur ing inst ruments diaphragms e.g. dP Transmitters, from the process fluids. Typically used with high temperature, high viscosity, corrosive and toxic materials etc.