Prds & Dumpprds

Pressure Reducing and Desuperheating System

PRDS: Pressure Reducing and DeSuperheating System.

Steam PRDS is used for Steam Conditioning Services for reduction of pressure and temperature of steam. It is a combination of Control Valve for the pressure reduction purpose & atomizing nozzles, through which water is sprayed into steam for reducing the temperature.

  • Split PRDS: separate PRV (Pressure Reducing Valve) and DeSuperheater
  • Combined PRDS: Both PRV and DeSuperheater in a compact single unit

Combined PRDS helps to save the space and also cost of piping, as the unit is single and compact. For PRDS control system, there will be one Pressure loop and one temperature loop. Pressure control system includes pressure sensor, pressure transmitter, controller, I/P Converter, Pressure gauges, etc. Temperature control system includes temperature sensor, transmitter, controller, I/P Converter, Temperature gauges, etc. Spray water quantity required for the temperature reduction of the steam is controlled by separate spray water valve.


Designed to achieve final pressure reduction and allows steam to expand into the condenser.

  • Pressure class : Up to ANSI 2500#. IBR certified.
  • Compliance to ASME Section VIII, Div. I, 2010
  • International Stampings, PED, CE on request, for export jobs.