Turbine Bypass Valves

Turbine Bypass Valves

Turbine Bypass Valves Manufacturer


PRDS used in turbine bypass applications help to protect the turbine during start-up, power trip and also for part load generation. Turbine by pass valve prevent venting of steam into atmosphere and allow the steam to be dumped into condenser, so that energy can be saved to generate high temperature Boiler Feed Water.


  • Thermal Power Plants and Cogeneration Plants
  • All process plants like Fertilizers, Petrochemical, Refineries, Pharmaceuticals, Sugar Pulp & Paper, Steel, etc.


  • Inlet Size: 3" to 20"
  • Outlet Size: 4" to 64"
  • Pressure class: ANSI 150# to ANSI 2500#
  • Material: A182F12 / A182F22 / A182F91 / F92
  • Rangeability up to 1 : 100
  • Actuator type: Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electro-hydraulic, Electric.
  • Trim type: Multi stage with perforated cage type
  • Body spherical form, with transitions radially designed with surfaces nearly without marks.