Flow Metering



Flow Meters Manufacturer


Flow Meters:

  • Chemtrols is a solution provider of Flow Measuring instuments based on various principals to meet the application requirements of process plants, briefly summarized below.


Flow Measuring Sensors :

  • Besides, we also offer a wide primary Flow measuring Sensors like Orifice, Flow Nozzles, Venturi Tubes, Cone Flow Meters and Pitot tubes.

Orifice & Nozzles :


Primary Differential Pressure devices


  • Chemtrols offers a wide range of primary differential pressure devices to measure flow, based on various principles of physics. These include flow elements like the Measuring Orifice, Restriction Orifice, Flow Nozzles, Venturi Tube, Cone Type flow meter, Taper Seg Tube, Pitot tubes and related accessories like the Condensate Pots, Fittings etc. in conjunction."

Orifice Plates & Flanges :

  • These primary devices like the Measuring Orifice and restricted orifice are used for fluid & gas flow measurement by means of the differential pressure and also pressure reducing devices, are intended on pressure drop and steady fluid flow.